Easy-read: Canada Travel Guide This 2020

Canada is a prominent place that makes it an ideal location for the enthusiast, full-time travelers, backpackers, and more. In fact, you can spend a few weeks to months in Canada without getting bored. If you are planning your next travel to Canada this 2020, here’s an easy-ride travel guide for you. Prepare your eta Canada immediately!

Things To Do In Canada

(1) In July, Calgary Stampede is widely celebrated. Thousands of people gather for the carnival, drinking contests, and multi-day rodeo! If you are thinking of a place where one can pretend like a real cowboy, this is the perfect one!

(2) If you are into snowboarding and skiing, then Banff can be your best place to go during winter. It has the most famous mountains for great trails. 

(3) To explore more of Canada’s sumptuous seafood, great hiking trails, whale watching, and extreme shopping, then the western island, Vancouver, is the best place to go! This one is the perfect place to unwind and reflect.

(4)For a budget-friendly journey in Canada, you can also go to Calgary. It offers low-cost events like rollerblading, picnic in the parks, and other hiking trails. 

Travel Costs And Activities

(1) In accommodation, rates range from $30 CAD ($22 USD) to $65 CAD ($48 USD). The cheapest one allows you to stay in a dorm-type room at a hostel. On the other hand, the higher range allows you to check in to budget room hotels.

(2) Foods are also inexpensive if you decide to cook or go to pubs. In a typical meal-out at restaurants, it will cost you USD 15-26 or around CAD 50-75 (USD 27-55) per week. However, sandwich shops cost lesser than the usual Canadian meals.

(3) There are a lot of activities that you can do in Canada. Some of them are hiking, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, rafting, and snowboarding. All ages will enjoy these activities! Processing your eta Canada is one step ahead of a fun journey!

More Tips To Save Money

  • Check sites for coupons 
  • Go to Canada during summer for free summer festivals
  • Enjoy outdoor activities 
  • Prefer using Megabus or any ride-sharing services 

Must-Try Adventure Activities in Canada

Aside from stunning visuals and sceneries in Canada, the country is also rich in various adventure activities to pump up your need for adrenaline. Delve into the best enjoyable activities in the second-largest country in the world.

Skiing in Whistler

Whistler in Canada is particularly famous for its must-try skiing adventures. For adrenaline-seekers who aren’t afraid to take excruciating risks, Whistler is the perfect place for you. With 8,000 acres of pistes that spread out over 200 runs, you’ll find yourself in tracks tangled for beginners, intermediates, and experts. Experienced and seasons skiiers make it their ultimate goal to finish the challenging slopes at Whistler. If you’re not into skiing, activities like snowboarding and heli-skiing are also available.

East Coast Trail Hike

One of the most sought out hike trails by adventurers is the East Coast Trail. It’s found along North America’s easternmost coastline, and bases on Newfoundland’s the Avalon Peninsula. Surrounded with 300 kilometers of beautiful vistas of the Atlantic coast, trekkers would love to get this off of their bucket list. Aside from the exercise and adventure, hikers can enjoy amazing views while on foot — dramatic headlands, oceanic fjords, rugged cliffs, and beautiful sea stacks. You might also encounter particular wildlife by spotting whales, caribou and a few species of seabirds.

Auyuittuq National Park

The Auyuittuq National Parks gives customers the once in a lifetime opportunity to walk and cross the Atlantic circle. With its snowy white slopes and chilling glaciers, you’ll want to make sure to bring a good camera to capture this breathtaking scenery. Aside from photography, you can start some ideal extreme hiking during the hiking season. It begins in June, the month where the midnight sun can be savored, and where arctic foxes and snow geese roam around.

Akshayuk Pass is the most famous hike in the park. It’s 97 kilometers long that eventually ends in a camping trip. However, weather conditions should always be considered to avoid polar bear habitats.

If you want to experience these fantastic adventures, you’ll have to travel to Canada. For more accessible travel, apply for a Canada ETA online. It gives you the convenience to visit by plane and to freely travel to different places in the country.