With your Kanada ETA, you’ll be ready to visit Canada and enjoy the sights, sounds, and people. But how much do you need to prepare if you want to travel to Canada? Is Canada an expensive country to visit? 

Canada is a vast country, but you don’t have to spend too much to enjoy its many destinations. We’ve rounded up some of the handiest and the most unbelievable ways to save on your accommodation, food, and transportation.

Save On Canada Accommodations 

Hotel rates can vary depending on what city you’re in. Usually, you’ll end up dishing out $30 CAD for a hostel and around $65 CAD for a budget room in a hotel. You can save when you choose Airbnb accommodation, especially when you are traveling with a group.

But if you are okay with camping, sleeping under the stars, you’ll pay less at around $10 to $30 CAD a night in a camping site. Book early if this is your option. You may also couch-surf if you don’t want to spend anything but be courteous and helpful to your host. You’ll find many friendly folks willing to share their couches even for a night. 

Affordable Meals And Budget Pubs

You can save on food by cooking your meals or eating at budget dining places and pubs. Check out street vendors that sell delicious sausages, hotdogs, and even the famed veggie dog. You can have a warm, full lunch for less than $3 CAD.

Going Around On A Budget

Going around is easy and cheap, with the Megabus the most affordable form of transportation in Quebec and Ontario. Tickets here start at $1, but if you need to book in advance. Many tourists choose the Megabus to go from Toronto to Montreal or the United States.

If you choose to rent a vehicle, buy your gas in cheap places like native reserve gasoline stations. And stopping at these gas stations allow you to admire vibrant cultures and meet interesting people. 

Activities On A Budget

The best way to check out different destinations is by car, but if you want to check out destinations in the city, join free walking tours. Most of these tours last for hours because you’ll be checking out parks, museums, libraries, monuments, and markets. You must book in advance to join these tours.