If you want to start managing properties on Airbnb, but aren’t sure how to go about it, here’s what you need to know. First of all, Airbnb requires that the property manager be a licensed and registered business or someone over the age of 25. But if you meet the legal requirements for putting a property up on Airbnb, there are still some standards you should meet regarding how to manage the property and relate to the guests that will set you up for success.


So, what are the best practices for Airbnb property management Seattle owners to follow?


The most important thing to do when you’re hosting on Airbnb is to take care of your guests. Take a look at these four simple ways that will make your guests feel more welcome in their space.


Here are just some examples of ways to make them feel welcome and at home in the space.


  1. Have extra toilet paper and soap available, just in case they forgot it.
  2. Add some fresh flowers or herbs from your garden into their room – it smells great!
  3. Offer them breakfast foods and beverages if they would like them
  4. Ask about any specific needs so that you can be prepared with those items before they arrive.


By following these guidelines, Airbnb property management Seattle owners stand the best chance of serving the guests that stay in their properties to the best of their abilities, which will lead to opportunities to be highly rated and, ideally, become Super hosts. With that designation comes more and more bookings and the ability to command more money per night for the space. The key to success is taking good care of the people who trust you to provide their accommodations!