Many people would believe that the vast majority of upgrades to a bathroom should be done professionally. Various tasks for the upgrade in bathrooms include new tile, new fixtures, or new pipes installation. However, there is a fair share of individuals who prefer to get their hands dirty and do the vast majority of upgrades to the house independently. While some of these tasks may be a tad too difficult for the typical do-it-yourselfer, refinishing a bathtub is relatively easy and fun. There are many bathtub refinishing kits available on the market to make this particular task a breeze. While you may not get the new job of a true professional, your results will be stellar, and you’ll have a job that you will be proud of.


One of the first steps in refinishing your bathtub is to choose a kit that will work best for you. There are several available kits on the market that I would personally recommend. However, much will depend upon the extras you would like to add to the bathtub refinishing kit. Many of the kids that are available on the market are not a complete solution in the box. The vast majority of kids will require some extra essential chemicals and tools that are not contained within the kit that you will need for that professional look. If you do choose to use a bathtub refinishing kit straight out-of-the-box, you more than likely will not be happy with the results.


Many of the kits I have reviewed and researched do not put enough chemicals and equipment within them for you to do the necessary preparation of the tub. Many kids will typically include the required cleaning agents as well as bond and agents. However, they may not be strictly up to the professional standards you desire. One example of this would be if your bathtub had any minor imperfections, you would want to use a professional grade filler, typically not included with a number of the bathtub refinishing kits. And if you happen to choose a cheap filler, you’ll start to see it come loose within just a few months after you have finished the job.


One of the main problems I have noticed with many bathtub refinishing kits is that they do not give you the right amount of chemicals to prepare the old finish for a new finish. It is necessary to have a professional-grade acid wash, which will help rough up and Pitt the old surface of the bathtub to ensure that the new surface will adhere. Additionally, you want to ensure that any airborne contaminants have been removed from the tub before it is repainted, as this can lead to severe issues with peeling and blistering.


Our kit is considered to be one of the top bathtub refinishers on the market. We’re proud to state that you will not deal with any of the toxic fumes that were a significant problem with past refinishing sprays. Our spray is completely odorless and non-toxic. There are no chemical smells from our product, nor will your house have any scent once the project has been completed. Many of the kits that are available on the market require the use of facial masks or expensive exhaust systems. Our kit is entirely safe that there is no need for any safety equipment. All that is needed is a quick spray, and your tub is going to be transformed instantly.


If you plan on remodeling your bathtub on your own, take the time to research the various bathtub refinishing kits available on the market. You want to ensure that you are not limiting yourself to the professional style job you can obtain. The vast majority of bathtub refinishing kits available in the big box stores should be your starting point. There are several excellent professionals refinishing kits that are available that will offer you the results you desire.


In conclusion, there are two things to remember about refinishing your bathtub. First, this does not have to be a complicated process. Our kit is easy to use, and after following the instructions, you will have no problems creating the bathtub of your dreams. Regardless of whether you are handy around the house are not, you will enjoy using our bathtub refinishing kit. Secondly, it does not have to be expensive to refinish your tub either. Our kit is designed to be affordable for anyone tired of their goal and ugly bathtub. We have put together a product that is as inclusive as possible while remaining affordable. If you are tired of your tub and want a change, please feel free to contact us today.