You’ll be in for a treat when you visit New Zealand. There are a lot of secret and well-kept places to visit, and has a lot of jaw-dropping views. The country has a lot of beautiful landscapes to offer, and it’s undoubtedly a trip to look forward to once you have your New Zealand Visa.

Castle Hill

Go to the south island of New Zealand, where you’ll find the ‘Spiritual Center of the Universe.’ you’ll find the ruins of an ancient castle, and it occupies a vast private farm. It also has a scenic view of the beautiful mountains as you hike up to the ruins.

Farewell Spit

The Farewell Spit is located on the south island, and it’s a 26km stretch of sand. If you want a private beach for yourself, this is the best place to go to leisure on the beach and walk along the kilometer-long sandbar. Farewell spit is also known as having one of the longest sandbars in the world, and it’ll feel as if you’re walking in a desert.  

Frying Pan Lake

The world’s largest hot spring can be found in New Zealand’s Frying Pan Lake. Its beautiful light blue waters and steaming water makes it a popular destination for many. You can also make a short drive to nearby destinations like Base Rotorua and Lake Rotomahana, to complete your day. 

Mount Aspiring National Park

Make a road trip to Mount Aspiring National Park, and you’ll find the beautiful Crucible Lake and Lake Nerine. You can find the Crucible Lake right in the heart of the mountain, and you’ll be delighted with the magnificent blue waters of the lake and the icebergs around. You can also hike to Lake Nerin; although it might take some time, its stunning view will be worth it.

Your New Zealand Visa can take you to beautiful, well-kept secrets of the country. You wont run out of places to go too, and make your trip a memorable one. Don’t forget to drop by these places, and enjoy the beauty New Zealand has to offer.